Must-See Public Art: New Rochelle State of Mind

(Arts Westchester): Over the last few weeks an eclectic crew of international street artists landed in the city of New Rochelle to help create of one of the largest collections of murals in Westchester. The murals were organized by Street Art for Mankind (SAM), a local non-profit activist group, who use murals serve to spread awareness about the fight against child labor and trafficking. In just three years, they have brought dozens of artists to create pieces in Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Mid-town Manhattan, the Financial District and now, in their largest project yet, to New Rochelle.

Although street art has a distinct style, the artists on this project range widely in terms of their aesthetic and approach, resulting in a diverse collection of pieces. One of the artists, Dan Kitchener, who goes by DanK, created a colorful, photorealistic city scene at 38 Division Street that pedestrians will be able to engage with at eye level. The rainy, neon street depicted in the piece has a distinctly global look, and includes a subtle nod to street art legend Invader, famous for his 8-bit ceramic depictions of video game characters that he covertly installs in cities all over the world.

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