READ650 Spoken Word Submissions Wanted

The colossal power of Beethoven’s music inspires us like no other composer, and the central movement of his string quartet no. 15, written in the last years of his life, is a “Holy song of gratitude.” As part of Carnegie Hall’s 2020 season-long celebration of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth, Read650 and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center will collaborate to present a New Year’s celebration of healing arts: a curated series of five-minute, 650-word stories of gratitude. The format will be a departure for Read650, with six writers presenting personal stories of gratitude on stage in Act 1, followed in Act 2 with a performance by the New York Classical Players of Ludwig van Beethoven’s string quartet no. 15; his profound “Holy song of Gratitude.” In addition to the essays presented on stage, selected “Gratitude” submissions will be curated by Read650’s editorial committee in a printed anthology available for sale at the event and on Amazon. Click HERE for details.

Call for Writers: READ650 Spoken Word Submissions Wanted
Theme: Gratitude
Deadline: November 1
Event: 2PM Sunday, January 4 at Carnegie Hall in NYC

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