Call for Writers: READ650 Spoken Word Submissions Wanted Theme: The Car Deadline: July 1, 2019

Tell us about your favorite, your first, or your worst. Do you have a story about a memorable road test, road trip, or a rental gone wrong? A limo or a lemon? A traffic stop or accident? The carwash? The valet? The car salesman?  The pieces can be original, or can be excerpted or adapted from your earlier work. Submissions are evaluated by an editorial committee of professional writer/editors, and our live events are professionally recorded, archived, and uploaded to our YouTube channel. They may then be featured in our podcasts, broadcasts, and anthologies, though they remain yours to publish again somewhere else if you so desire. Submissions should be a maximum of 650 words, enabling you to read the piece aloud within five minutes.
Show date: 3 PM Sunday, October 6, 2019 at the Ossie Davis Theater, New Rochelle Public Library (as part of ArtsFest)
Click HERE for details.

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